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Order Informational Materials
Photo of VHS Tape and CD-ROM    Dr. Hartunian has put together a kit of information about the L.E.X.BRACE, available upon request to anyone curious about its potential. This kit consists of a video or computer CD-ROM. If you are interested in obtaining either a CD-ROM or video, contact Dr. Hartunian directly on the Contact Info page.

About the Video

   This video, hosted by Dr. Hartunian himself, is a detailed view of the reasons the L.E.X.BRACE was invented, how it is effective, and shows a case study of the L.E.X.BRACE in action at a high school in Lexington, MA.

About the CD-ROM Football Player 1

   For those who want an alternate way of accessing the video besides a VHS tape, this CD-ROM is available. The CD contains the same video, but digitized using Apple QuickTime™ technology. It also contains a digital copy of the L.E.X.BRACE patent. The CD-ROM is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows computers, but your computer must be capable of running QuickTime 4.0 (which is included on the CD). You can also download this software from Apple's website. The CD's case contains a mini-pamphlet with a message from the inventor, as well as a diagram of the L.E.X.BRACE's design.

Football Player 2 Photo of Byron V. Hartunian

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